Your runs are all in runkeeper? For deeper insight you don’t need to get Elite, you can Do It Yourself!

Browse to Runkeeper.com and goto your account settings. There is an option called Export Data. This creates a ZIP file with your runs in GPX files. Your notes, total and average data are in the cardioActivities.csv file.

With a little help of Excel you can import the cardioActivities.csv file and create your own insights. I use it to determine the best outfit for the weather based on the information in my notes.

Part of my outfit insight:
Temp Long Capri Short Thermoshirt Runshirt Jacket
9 °C X X
9 °C X X
9 °C X
8 °C X X
7 °C X X X
6 °C X X X X
6 °C X X X X
5 °C X X
4 °C X X X X
4 °C X X
-3 °C X X X X
-3 °C X X X X

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